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Registering Flanges Conforming to SAE J518 Standard
SAE J518 covers the specification of four-bolt split flanges that attach tubes, pipes, and hoses to applicable ends. These flanges are intended for use in hydraulic applications.

However, most jurisdictions will not register fittings for use in a hydraulic application. Can flanges conforming to the shape and materials of SAE J518 be CRN registered? If so, how does one go about registering such a flange?

If the flange is for use on a system with an expansible fluid (see ABSA’s Pressure Equipment Safety Regulation User Guide for definition of expansible) the Jurisdictions will register it, provided that it conforms to an appropriate code.

a) If the material and shape of the design conforms to SAE J518, then the flange can be CRN registered under the SAE J518 code. This is acceptable through ASME B31.3-2008 para. 326.1.1, and Table 326.1, which states that the SAE J518 code is used to fully define the dimensions and pressure rating of these flanges directly, with no alterations required.

b) If the material does not conform to the requirements of SAE J518, while the shape of the design does, then the flange may be registered using ASME VIII-1 Appendix Y. The Jurisdictions have accepted calculations assuming three bolts, equally spaced around the centre, that satisfy the code requirements as covering the four-bolt flanges described in SAE J518.